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Tue 16th Aug 2016 vs. Isis (A) @ Queen's College

Match report

With Isis as oppo and the sun in the sky, The Village to bat, expectations were high.

FCA first up, through the covers did bludgeon, Clear edge the next ball, such a curmudgeon.

Meier driving like Gower such a sight to behold, An elegant 20 before his innings’ bell tolled.

Taylor and Cav both went for nought, The Village innings running dangerously short.

Tyler, Fred, Law and Watkins rallied so well, High scores for all before each one fell.

Smith, Ross and Berry built on the foundation, Each biffing sixes to the crowd’s great elation.

So, 114 was the target to beat, Isis had to bat well to achieve that feat.

Village bowling was tight as two coats of paint, Ross in particular, his figures were quaint.

But the Isis openers dug in tight, Like their namesakes in Helmand, they were up for the fight.

Working the singles and looking at ease, Meier was called for, could he be the key?

A long hop he dished up to the batsman’s delight, Yet the shot from the batsman was quite frankly shite.

So one wicket down (and the batsman did grumble), Then a run out chance came and Meier didn’t fumble.

Was this to be the start of an unlikely collapse, Meier’s best bowling figures, perhaps?

But as night drew in and the game got tight, Fluent strokes from Isis put the game out of sight.

Victory claimed with six balls to play, The players retired for a glass of Bombay (Sapphire).

Thanks go to Isis for an exceptional fixture, Fun, laughs and cricket in just the right mixture.