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Tue 11th May 2021 vs. Isis (A) @ Stanton St John

Match report

We bowled first, starting in gloomy conditions, then it started raining, and didn't stop. Sometimes it rained really hard. We continued to bowl, field, and slide around. It was very cold and miserable. The two Isis openers, both Eynsham CC players, slapped us around until DB deservedly bowled one of them. Everyone bowled well, especially those who did their overs during the heavier rain, with the ball getting harder to grip, and the run-ups getting more and more slippery.

After 17 overs, the skippers decided enough was enough, and off we went. It then stopped raining 5 minutes later, and we trooped out to bat in rather nicer conditions - the sun even came out a couple of times!

Sam slapped the bowlers around for a bit, then picked out a man on the midwicket boundary for 29 with the score on 50. Tim M then took over the attack, accelerating through the gears and bringing up yet another half-century for the club. He was finally bowled for 61 after a partnership of 51 with Ben. Ben was 4 not out at the time.

Ben and Olly finished things off and IVCC were 2 from 2 for the season.